Hangar Space Rentals


I recently ran an informal poll to find out what pilots are paying to rent hangar space near major Texas cities, here’s what they had to say:

Houston Area

SGR $483-600/month

KIWS $420 – 550

T41 $400 – 500

KLVJ $415

DWH $375 – 450

11R $250

T51 $300

HTV $180 – 400; waiting list

KCXO $250 – 500

GLS $300

Over a year ago, it was nearly impossible to get a hangar space anywhere in Houston… Pearland just opened brand new hangars


Austin Area

I’m on 2 waiting lists and have been for over a year.

I’m on a few lists and have been for a couple of years.

Been on the waiting list ad EDC for close to 4 years now. I hear prices for a T are around $500.

$150 in a community hangar in Rockdale. We are full now.

KRYW $300/month bulk hangars

GTU $400+

AUS $500 – 700

1T8 $200 – 250 T-hangars

I rent community space for $425 at GTU and I’m on three t hangar lists

XS79 2 T-hangars currently available & will soon have 6 more; $250 – 300/m


DFW Area

KDTO $325/month enclosed T-hangar; waiting list

KTKI $400 T-hangar

KHQZ $280 T-hangar; 1+ year wait list for any hangar

KGPM $215 T-hangar

DTO $420 for shared hanger; waiting list

KLNC $315 50 ft box hangar

50F $225 T-hangar, waiting list

52F $150 T-hangar, $325 enclosed hangar

T67 $350 – 390 T-hangars

Rives Airpark is planning to open up in the next few months. They will have 26 hangars available for rent, in the $400 range.

I found a lack of hanger space when I moved to DFW 7 years ago. Many waiting lists required someone to pass away to get availability, so I bought at T56 and enjoy a 3000′ hangar in my back yard

Lack of affordable/available hangar space is why I haven’t bought another plane

If you’re tired of throwing money away on rent, let me help you find a hangar-home to call your own!

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