Lake Livingston Air Park Estates

A primary reason pilots are drawn to airpark living is to share their passion for flying with neighbors, and the friendly folks at Lake Livingston Air Park are no exception!  They threw a great fly-in last month, complete with delicious bar-be-que, home-made deserts, fun people, and some awesome aircraft.

Now you can become a member of this vibrant, affordable fly-in community. The developers of LLAP saved Lot 10 for last, one of the nicest home-sites in the subdivision.  Level, cleared and ready for your dream hangar-home, this prime three acre lot is within close proximity to the airport gate.  Offered at $63,750…CLICK HERE FOR PHOTOS AND LISTING DETAILS.

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Just an hour+ drive north of IAH, this airpark has access to Livingston Municipal Airport 00R with a 3704 x 60 ft. asphalt illuminated runway and on-site 100LL fuel. 00R is located just four miles from Lake Livingston which offers a state park, campgrounds, fishing, sailing, water skiing, hiking and horseback riding. Shopping, dining, health care, an 8 hole golf course, schools, and other amenities are less than 7 miles away in the city of Livingston, Texas.

Ready to live with your plane?  Call me!  (832)563-6713


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Hangar Space Rentals


I recently ran an informal poll to find out what pilots are paying to rent hangar space near major Texas cities, here’s what they had to say:

Houston Area

SGR $483-600/month

KIWS $420 – 550

T41 $400 – 500

KLVJ $415

DWH $375 – 450

11R $250

T51 $300

HTV $180 – 400; waiting list

KCXO $250 – 500

GLS $300

Over a year ago, it was nearly impossible to get a hangar space anywhere in Houston… Pearland just opened brand new hangars


Austin Area

I’m on 2 waiting lists and have been for over a year.

I’m on a few lists and have been for a couple of years.

Been on the waiting list ad EDC for close to 4 years now. I hear prices for a T are around $500.

$150 in a community hangar in Rockdale. We are full now.

KRYW $300/month bulk hangars

GTU $400+

AUS $500 – 700

1T8 $200 – 250 T-hangars

I rent community space for $425 at GTU and I’m on three t hangar lists

XS79 2 T-hangars currently available & will soon have 6 more; $250 – 300/m


DFW Area

KDTO $325/month enclosed T-hangar; waiting list

KTKI $400 T-hangar

KHQZ $280 T-hangar; 1+ year wait list for any hangar

KGPM $215 T-hangar

DTO $420 for shared hanger; waiting list

KLNC $315 50 ft box hangar

50F $225 T-hangar, waiting list

52F $150 T-hangar, $325 enclosed hangar

T67 $350 – 390 T-hangars

Rives Airpark is planning to open up in the next few months. They will have 26 hangars available for rent, in the $400 range.

I found a lack of hanger space when I moved to DFW 7 years ago. Many waiting lists required someone to pass away to get availability, so I bought at T56 and enjoy a 3000′ hangar in my back yard

Lack of affordable/available hangar space is why I haven’t bought another plane

If you’re tired of throwing money away on rent, let me help you find a hangar-home to call your own!

Happy flying,









When will you start building?

This is dreaded question I’ve been hearing from well meaning friends and family for the past six months and I still don’t have an answer.  If you’ve ever built a custom home (or know someone who has), you’re aware that the process is fraught with delays.  Sometimes it’s weather, sometimes it’s contractors, and sometimes delays are our own doing.  Building a custom home is a journey…two steps forward, one step back.


The latest in our series of setbacks was the decision to alter our house plans,  cutting costs after tallying up bids and estimates at our “red line” meeting.  We want to make sure we can afford to buy an airplane after the house, pool and hangar are built!  All this to say that we still don’t have a start date but it’s definitely inching closer.

Happy flying!



Aviation Decor, Anyone?

One of the (many) things I’m looking forward to for our new hangar home is creating a unique decor, so it was a pleasant surprise to meet Randy Woodcock, owner of Flight Level Furnishings in Montgomery, Texas:randy.jpg

Randy’s booth at MODAERO featured this stunning wing-inspired desk that he’d crafted himself:desk.jpg

Randy also offers hand-made wine racks, refurbished antique airplane seats and this illuminated runway-marker cabinet:1458097280215.jpg

If you’d like to see other aviation inspired decor and design ideas, check out my Pinterest collection.

Until next time, happy flying!

From Empty Nesting to Airport Living

We knew our youngest child would leave for college soon and that we didn’t want to simply move from a large, typical suburban home to a smaller one.  We knew we’d probably retire in our next home and decided it should be someplace extra special where we could enjoy life, meet new friends with similar interests, and where our children (and, hopefully one day, grandchildren) will want to visit. What we didn’t know was, where?


It’s always been my husband’s dream to pilot his own plane so we started by exploring the internet for fly-in communities throughout Texas.  We found beautiful air park properties around Austin, San Antonio and Dallas but decided to narrow our search to Southeast Texas since I have an established real estate practice in Houston and my husband still commutes to IAH a couple times a week.  We were pleasantly suprised to discover loads of properties to choose from.  Without exception, we were enthusiastically greeted by friendly neighbors in every air park we’ve visited.  The warm welcomes we received cinched it:  we are officially air park bound!

Stay tuned for Chapter Two:  Our Hangar Home Hunt

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