Aviation Decor, Anyone?

One of the (many) things I’m looking forward to for our new hangar home is creating a unique decor, so it was a pleasant surprise to meet Randy Woodcock, owner of Flight Level Furnishings in Montgomery, Texas:randy.jpg

Randy’s booth at MODAERO featured this stunning wing-inspired desk that he’d crafted himself:desk.jpg

Randy also offers hand-made wine racks, refurbished antique airplane seats and this illuminated runway-marker cabinet:1458097280215.jpg

If you’d like to see other aviation inspired decor and design ideas, check out my Pinterest collection.

Until next time, happy flying!

From Empty Nesting to Airport Living

We knew our youngest child would leave for college soon and that we didn’t want to simply move from a large, typical suburban home to a smaller one.  We knew we’d probably retire in our next home and decided it should be someplace extra special where we could enjoy life, meet new friends with similar interests, and where our children (and, hopefully one day, grandchildren) will want to visit. What we didn’t know was, where?


It’s always been my husband’s dream to pilot his own plane so we started by exploring the internet for fly-in communities throughout Texas.  We found beautiful air park properties around Austin, San Antonio and Dallas but decided to narrow our search to Southeast Texas since I have an established real estate practice in Houston and my husband still commutes to IAH a couple times a week.  We were pleasantly suprised to discover loads of properties to choose from.  Without exception, we were enthusiastically greeted by friendly neighbors in every air park we’ve visited.  The warm welcomes we received cinched it:  we are officially air park bound!

Stay tuned for Chapter Two:  Our Hangar Home Hunt

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