Before You Buy or Sell Aviation Property, Read THIS!

I once heard someone say, “You can’t throw a cat in this town without hitting a realtor.”  It’s true, there are loads of real estate agents. You probably have a neighbor, relative or co-worker’s spouse with a real estate license. How do you choose the most qualified agent to advocate for your best interests in navigating one of the most important financial transactions  you’ll ever make?

Buying and selling aviation property presents unique challenges. You’ve probably heard of “comparables” or “comps” referring to properties with characteristics similar to the property for sale. Comparable recent sales are used to assess fair market price but, for aviation property, comps are often rare or non-existent. With our extensive knowledge airport properties across Texas, we have a keen awareness of what’s on the market and the expertise to assess fair market prices and assist with appraisals.

Unlike traditional homes, there are a limited number of fly-in properties so, when you’re ready to buy, the inventory of available aviation listings may be limited. Unlike most agents, our Aviation Property Specialists keep close tabs on all fly-in real estate listed throughout the state every day, providing the most accurate and up-to-date runway listings available to Buyers.

For Sellers, we offer the absolute best marketing plan available, targeted directly to pilots who want to live with their planes. Our network of Aviation Property Specialists are experienced in helping pilots buy and sell airpark homes, runway lots and fly-in ranches. We get the job done right, call us: (832)563-6713



 Texas law requires all real estate licensees to provide the following:

 Information About Brokerage Services
Texas Real Estate Commission Consumer Protection Notice


With my clients’ best interests at heart, I’m enthusiastically devoted to helping pilots sell, rent or buy real estate quickly and at the best price possible. A life-long Texas resident, I’m avidly acquiring education in current market trends, negotiations, and latest technology to give my clients the most up-to-date and professional services possible.

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