Kezer Air Ranch 61TE

While researching a newly listed home and hangar, I discovered that it’s located in Kezer Air Ranch  near Ft. Worth.  61TE offers a 2400 x 20′ asphalt runway, on-site mechanic and 100 80 fuel.  In addition to an aviation community of homes with hangars, Kezer Air Ranch is a destination for pilots who want to stay in one of their four “tiny house” silos.

According to their website, Kezer Air Ranch “is a fly-in where you can get gas, have a soda, sit under the trees and visit. There is a small community that lives around the airport. Everyone has a plane and loves to talk about planes. On site there is a full service mechanic and mechanical shop. You can have your annual done here, get checked out in a tail dragger, get your medical and make some new friends.”

Who’s going?!




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