Herding Kittens

This is me coordinating the completion of our new home and hangar at Waverly Acres Airpark XS09:

Some folks are “cut out” to be general contractors of their own custom built home. They relish making hundreds of decisions, large and small, day in and day out, despite lack of  experience. They effortlessly juggle sub-contractor scheduling (and constant re-scheduling), vendors, mortgage draws, legal paperwork, extensive book-keeping, material deliveries and clean-up while simultaneously holding down full-time jobs, meeting family obligations, and maintaining the household at their current residence.  When problems flare up, as they frequently do, these intrepid home-builders put out fires with ease and ingenuity. And…wonder of wonders…natural born GC’s don’t bat an eye at regularly cutting checks with amounts so large there isn’t enough space to write the exorbitant sums on the line provided.

Despite the classes, support and vetted subcontractors provided by Built Green Custom Homes through their Owner Participation Program, our year-long process has been demanding and stressful. That said, anyone who has built a custom home with a traditional, full-service general contractor will probably feel the same way! We’ve learned a great deal about home-building, often by trial and error…emphasis on the error…but the good news is we’re nearly finished and I’m confident that, once we’re living the dream in our beautiful new fly-in home, it will all be worth it. Though we may not have begun this process “cut out” to be general contractors, I can honestly say we have become competent and successful home-builders. Stay tuned for photos!

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