The Home Stretch

It’s probably the last thing on your mind when planning a custom home, but one of the first things you should choose is the color of your gutters. Turns out, it’s easier to match your exterior paint to the gutters than vice versa. Of course, we didn’t learn this until last week when we met with gutter contractors for bids, months after our house was painted. We lucked out, one of the gutter colors happened to be a close match to our trim.

In spite of attending Built Green Custom Home‘s classes, reading everything we could find, and having the support of a knowledgable consultant, this is just one of many lessons learned in hindsight building through an Owner Participation Program. The good news is, we haven’t made any serious mistakes along the way (yet…knock wood!) but there are definitely things we’d do differently if we could start over again. Experience truly is the best teacher.

Gutters aren’t the only additions to our house this month.  We now have electricity, a running well, bathroom tile,

light fixtures, garage door openers, and aviation themed ceiling fans.

The biggest project currently underway is our aerobic septic system which has a complex design due to the bathroom in our hangar.  Still a lot to accomplish before move-in, both inside and out, will keep you posted.

Happy flying,



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