“When will you move in?”

I cringe every time we’re asked that question.  We’re hoping in about two months, but who knows?  So much depends on availability of contractors and supplies, not to mention the weather.  “Not soon enough” is my best answer.

It’s been over two months since I last wrote about building our hangar and home at Waverly Acres Estates Airpark in New Waverly, Texas.  The process has been moving along at a good pace although much of the progress is the unseen (and unglamorous) plumbing, electrical and HVAC inside walls and attics.  The home’s exterior has been painted and stonework is currently underway.

Most recently, the hangar office and house interior were sheet-rocked and our home’s concrete floors artfully stained.  This week we start the extensive trim work:  baseboards, interior doors, cabinetry and built-ins.  Time to pick out and purchase light and plumbing fixtures as well as appliances, door handles, cabinet pulls, bedroom carpet, water softener, hangar water heater, swimming pool, and more.  So many minor and major decisions to make, it’s often overwhelming to be our own general contractors, learning as we go.  

I’m beginning to understand why people who build through an Owner Participation Program often wind up selling only to build a newer home:  once they’ve learned the process first-hand they can use their knowledge to build the second home better than the first!

Fingers crossed, my next post will include photos of our finished project.

Happy flying







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