What’s an Owner Participation Program?

Finally closing on our construction loan tomorrow, let the building (and obscene spending) begin!  

We hope to break ground at Waverly Acres Airpark within a month and, during that wait, we’ll be busy picking out everything from lighting fixtures to doorknobs, appliances to paint colors, stone siding to shingles, and all that goes into building a house and hangar.  We’ll also arrange for building permits, electric service, septic & water well design, site preparation (dirt is expensive!), temporary service road and, of course, hangar construction.  Great thing about building the hangar early in this process, it will serve well as our warehouse for fixtures & appliances, etc.

The process is daunting but, through the unique Owner Participation Program offered by Built Green Custom Homes, I’m confident we’ll be successful as our own general contractor for this project.

A growing trend for custom homes, Owner Participation Programs allow the hands-on consumer to take charge of the entire building process while saving 10 – 20+% over traditional custom builders.  These programs offer assistance through classes and/or professional consultants plus a ready supply of vetted, experienced subcontractors and vendors.

Screen Shot 2016-07-26 at 4.40.44 PM

And so our journey to creating our fly-in home begins…will continue to keep you posted.

Happy flying,






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